Why Play Progressive Slots

There are many online players who have heard about progressive slots and have been recommended by seasoned players to opt in for such games. But new players hardly know anything about the progressive slots and hence do not understand why they should opt in for such games.

Playing online slots is all about winning the jackpot and the progressive slots offer a far bigger jackpot than the normal slots. In case you did not know, the jackpot of the progressive slots in reached at by taking a percentage of all the money played in these games. If you have never tried them, then you really might want to give them a look. Just recently someone hit over 8 million on a progressive and others have won millions playing these games. Of course you have smaller jackpots that get hit daily and weekly, either way hitting a progressive is the ultimate rush for any players especially when the bets are so low. Don’t think it can happen to you, well it is possible and I use to think the same thing until I did hit a 50k progressive which was a surprise. What will happen is a pop up will say you won, everything stops and money is in your account right away. It is pretty exciting hitting on the progressive slots especially when the bet was only 75 credits to win.

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